Relate physical and mathematical sciences to remediation and redevelopment work Initially you may do so with the support of your parents/guardians or Dual Credit Teacher hurezeanu@senecacollege

For more information please contact, dualcredit@senecacollege Students may start the program in May, September and January of each year

Seneca Program: Computer Systems Technology , Computer Engineering Technology , Computer Programming and Analysis , Electronics Engineering Technology Programs - Specific Admission Requirements Before applying, check to see if there are specific admission requirements in the program you want, such as: Its objectives are to determine product costs for inventory valuations

Ongoing into Fiscal 2012-13 Review Seneca’s Human Resources processes and practices I was proud of the company’s growth and felt it was time to pursue my next opportunity Apply knowledge of the relationship of customer service to logistics/supply chain management

Internally, concerning students, faculty, departments, staff and alumni; Parking outside of designated parking spots including taking up two (2) parking spots Unauthorized use of Seneca’s resources or facilities to benefit a private matter in which the employee has a personal interest Seneca College officially opened the first Confucius Institute in the GTA at Seneca’s Markham Campus on November 24, 2011 The College will ensure that diversity is respected and enmeshed into all Human Resources policies, systems and processes