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For the student who has secured the highest mark in the Mathematics for Business course (QNM103) As Dean, Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vanessa is responsible for all aspects of applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship at Seneca, including strategy development and implementation No single test score below 5 A commitment to Seneca’s Teaching Standards, authentic assessments, contextual learning activities, and the thoughtful use of technology tools "The Liberal Arts program exposed me to a variety of course that helped me better understand what my passions, strengths and weaknesses were

Alumni of the College should be considered where appropriate Students gain perspective on issues inherent in delivering vision care within a regulated health environment Seneca shall issue a charitable tax receipt for the full value of gifted securities at the closing of the market on the day the securities are received in Seneca’s account Cases now closed in less than 9 days on average in comparison to prior average of 22 days two full years of study in an accredited college diploma program in English in a country where English is a primary language

ARIES student system preserved and modernized by March 2016 For more information go to PLA website or contact your Program Coordinator Dual Credit review completed and target schools/programs identified as appropriate 60 Fees Per Module Tuition $1828 Seneca was honoured to be among the recipients when Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) announced its 2016 Awards of Excellence, recognizing best practices and leadership at colleges and institutes across Canada

More than 60 partner institutions in Ontario and worldwide Applied Research Project Showcase held at each major campus Fire protection is one of the key components of evaluating a property risk