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Accounting 533 continues the study of cost classification and cost behaviour and the use of standards for costing, managerial evaluation and financial planning The Seneca HELIX program is an excellent example of partnerships playing a key role in Innovation as it teaches students the fundamentals of design thinking, business model development, and technology trends and allows students the opportunity to apply these learnings to a real challenge we face, which is improving the patient experience Jeff has been a faculty member since 2005, dedicating his teaching to the Public Relations and Government Relations programs IBS602 Connect faculty with student services on early warning system for at-risk students

Projects will attempt to contribute to their field by further developing research documented in the literature or propose a new direction for further research 727 Students are introduced to various methods of growing microbes under controlled conditions with lab experiments which include counting of micro-organisms and identification of some important bacteria from variety of foods Any Grade 12 Science: (C or U) or Grade 11 Biology: (C) Teacher of English as a Foreign Language