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Information & Communications Technology Provide co-op and field placements for students AIC Membership Admission to candidacy will only be open to those who hold either a university degree, or have ten (10) or fewer remaining requirements for the AACI, P & Pract 2 E425-01-01-02 Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Technician E425-01-01-03 Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Technician E425-01-02-03 Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Technician E425-01-02-04 Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Technician E309-01-01-03 Common Core: Electrician (Const

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22653 Seneca@York Campus 416 On Track: Extensive consultation conducted, including nine townhalls held across campuses and an online survey that resulted in over 450 responses Pitch Event Upon completion of the INNOVATION Strand, the Pitch event allows the participant to provide a brief, persuasive elevator pitch of their venture idea Payments will be made in accordance with provisions of the related contract 523

Achieved: New Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system implemented to deploy strategies Allan Tam, a Computer Programming and Analysis graduate, was elected as the York Region District School Board Trustee for Markham

Coverage The Policy, within the work/study environment will apply to all members of the College community including, but not limited to: all students, employees, committees, contractors, unions, councils/associations who have a direct relationship and/or association with Seneca College Those values are important touchstones providing consistency and continuity The Institute for Performance and Learning, Canada's leading association of workplace learning professionals, sets the standards for learning and development in Canada The unique natural features of the campus are transformed into "living labs" for environmental studies, early childhood education and recreation and leisure students 18 new projects initiated and underway