Tell me about yourself – education; relevant skills; objective

The Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has pledged $20,000 to provide financial assistance to Seneca College’s Metis students This may include the identification of spaces, to area Supervisors and the Health and Safety Office that have small electrical appliances that do not comply with this policy

December 31, 2018 If a student is unable to secure a placement by the fourth (4 th) week of class, the student will be advised to withdraw from the course to eliminate any academic penalty on the student's transcript

OPT308 Commission fire safety equipment and systems While the goal of these procedures is to encourage parties to resolve their disputes either informally or through mediation, the College may be obligated to exercise its authority to initiate more formal intervention, where in the opinion of the Director, Student Conduct Office (hereafter referred to as the "Director"), the dispute falls within one of the following areas: Seneca’s graduates are not only making headlines, but are on the frontline reporting them Campaign for Students launch