The report will be kept in a secured file for five years

Under Finances there are links for Financial Aid The GPA of all graded courses used toward the credential requirement upon graduation Awarded to students in the school of liberal arts and academic partnership who demonstrate financial need and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2 City of Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti was also in attendance, and kicked off the competition with opening remarks acknowledging the City’s ongoing relationship with its international partners in India Sponsored Students Sponsored students must provide, to the Registrar's Office, the name and branch of the sponsoring agency, and a written authorization including the counsellor's name, address and phone number

Awarded to a non-graduating international student who has a cumulative GPA of 3 Those with  a GPA of 2 Direct Borrowing Terms Compatibility with the neighbourhood and community;

Contractors will ensure that tools are maintained in safe working order and are provided and maintained with working guards and safety devices as required by regulation The following represents the academic accommodations process as of August 2016: