treat or maintain an individual’s physical or mental condition; to prevent disease or injury or to promote health; or as part of palliative care

Monitor and encourage compliance with current health and safety legislation, as well as organizational practices and procedures The library card will expire on the same date as the home college ID or on the end date of the college document

Seneca’s School of ICT is a data analytics powerhouse Human resources professionals need an understanding of how recruitment and selection fits into the broader organizational structure, processes and goals of an organization and how this function is related to the other functions of human resources management Seneca will also expand its existing laptop and tablet loaning program for students who could otherwise not afford the technology

Develop and implement financial strategies to meet the clients’ objectives, needs, and values through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of information and products Progress also continues on our i3 project - the major cross-College initiative to upgrade our student, finance and human resources information systems over the next few years Sam Albanese CFP, CLU, ChFC, FLMI, TEP Seneca@York Campus In Progress: 45 new FCET courses offerings launched on web-based platforms with seven additional courses scheduled to launch in May 2016

Vice President, Finance Admin com and Insidetoronto Behavioural Sciences & Mental Health Arthur Almeida, Project Management — Information Technology, 2017 The two presidents said the time is right for the HSPP initiative