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The tiny masterpieces contain intricate details and layering, barely visible to the naked eye ca/admissions/transfer-students/college Requirements

Duration of Naming This year's Male and Female Athlete of the Year honours went to Kailen Murphy (men’s soccer) and Sabrina Henry (women’s soccer) Achieved: The Starfish Pilot at King Campus completed with results supporting an expansion to additional faculties and campuses Summer jobs and internships give young people access to unique opportunities to learn and work, whether it be to practice their second language in a museum, work in an Aboriginal friendship centre or even travel abroad

All gifts must be made payable to Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Charitable Registration #107967168 RR0001, regardless of their value, form or designated use Joe Zigrossi AFT, 1978 2006 Chief Armand LaBarge ISPM, 1986 Josee Dykun HRMC, 1993 Robert Barsony RTV, 1986 David K Award #: C310