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50 per course for a standard 10-course program Award: The Lori-Anne Pennells-Barre Award Students must not carry, or have in their possession, anything which is designed to be used as a weapon or anything that they intend to use as a weapon while on any campus or Seneca-owned or -controlled property Copyright means the right to copy

Seneca’s bookstores carry the latest textbooks and have all the supplies students need - from pens and pencils to the latest computer software “These awards will help exceptional students with financial challenges to achieve their academic and professional goals in the Fitness and Health Promotion program Only the Art Committee has the right to reserve works and/or make an offer of purchase of art works for the College Art Collection

There\xe2\x80\x99s a fully-working autocomplete engine, go-to definition, hover type definition, and more features Apply basic research skills to support business decision making The Alcohol Events Committee shall be empowered to implement procedures to achieve its Mandate