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The supervisor and/or Employee Relations will be responsible for contacting and forwarding the information to the Health, Safety and Wellness Department This award is given to a graduating student of one of the Building Environment Systems Class I & II certificate or Building Environment Systems Facility Manager certificate programs Ready to learn – There’s a lot to learn in the beginning of your new job, bring a notepad to be ready to record new information throughout orientation and integration period The majority of sexual assaults are committed against women by men, but people of all genders, from all backgrounds have been/can be assaulted

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Where the employee is able to return to work within 5 days, without limitations, the medical documentation need only indicate the reason for absence and confirm that the employee is fully capable of returning to full duties Canadian Securities Institute Personal Financial Planner (PFP) - 2 credits covered + Certificate in Financial Services Advice (CFSA) eligibility Gain the skills and experience to help improve the lives of others Garment Construction Recognition of Achievement Arrows show the order in which voters prefer the candidates