Within our college we will make pathways between our programs a priority

Award: Michael-Velasco Family Award If appropriate approval is obtained, a disclosed matter shall no longer be considered non-compliant

College staff are available to assist you with all aspects of your progress through your courses or program of choice Floral Design for Personal Application and Gardening Special Interest For the College, it has meant an environmentally sensitive building that resulted in an annual energy savings of approximately $90,000 Students must also complete at least 1 course (0 David was involved in the creation of the School’s first degree program (Bachelor of Technology, Software Development), which led Seneca to become more involved in applied research

Develop integrated systems of hardware and software, using current system development methodologies to fulfill the processing needs of a client centrenovas We’re Hiring…On-Campus Recruitment Throughout the year you will have opportunities to meet with individual employers who come on campus to recruit students for volunteer, part-time, full-time and summer jobs The OneCard cannot be used for parking at Seneca@York Campus