You can receive significant credit transfers that allow you to complete this four-year degree in only three years

Learn the skills and expertise needed to craft smart responses to tough design questions Sponsored Students Sponsored students must provide the College with the name and branch of the sponsoring agency, and a written authorization including the counsellor's name, address and phone number If we all had a farmer’s mentality, we could promote education for thousands 00 will be applied, and is applicable to all terms

Liberal Studies Implementation of new international recruitment strategy initiated Raspberry Pi, a new computer costing less than $40 was launched in February 2012 featuring software built and adapted with the help of Seneca students and faculty A person who is appointed to any office or body by or with the approval of the Governor in Council or a minister of the Crown, other than a judge receiving a salary under the Judges Act or the lieutenant governor of a province Message from the Chair and President With the renewal of our strategic and academic plans underway, this has been a year firmly focused on the future

Rose Caruso, Professor, School of English and Liberal Studies, received the 2016 Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation for her dedication to raising awareness and appreciation of Canadian soldiers and veterans 2 The College does not currently engage in any research involving human remains, cadavers, tissues, biological fluids, embryos, foetuses or similar biological elements, or biomedical research "I’m committed to connecting students with the opportunities that will give them greater insight into their educational and career decisions Please contact us at: bridging@senecacollege

97 *Convocation Fee – Billed in the first semester of the program For Cassandra, the decision to attend Seneca College was an easy one InDesign Accessibility Guide (pdf)

It is often mistaken to be synonymous with "Happy New Year", but its usage dates back several centuries A student granted deferred examination privilege will have their grade determined in the same manner as if they had written the final examination